Your Body Is Smarter Than You Are


Your body is intelligent. It communicates to you in patterns and symptoms. It conveys truth through your constipation, and emotion through your earache. Your body serves as your truest companion and closest ally in your excursion through life.

As a doctor and clairvoyant, my experience of your body is one of innocence, it exists as pockets of earnest emotion, and platters of clear insight. It communicates. Sometimes in snippets of dialogue, frequently as raw and unaffected yearning, and often in clear, kind—yet neutral—directives.

I wonder often with clients how things would be different—for all of us, as well as for the collective—if we just listened to what our bodies already knowrather than judging it. Rather than condemning it, accusing it of betrayal, and belittling it as weak and not resilient enough to handle all we subject it to.


I remember a class in 1st year biochemistry where I wondered aloud how the dopamine neurotransmitters knew where to go, and what to do, and how the other key brain monoamines, like serotonin and norepinephrine knew that they weren’t needed then and stayed out of the way. Suffice it to say that it was stunning to me that the communication, collaboration and interactions of the body would be so precise, orderly and efficient. I had to know, how it could possibly orchestrate and execute such a sublime feat every millisecond of our existence?

The response I received was curt, matter of fact and neutral. “It is random”, the Prof stated.

I just stared at her. And that response forever altered the respect and reverence I felt for science at the time.

Her response didn’t match the experience of my life. Intuitively it didn’t fit and empirically, the answer was illogical and insufficient. I know now that I was looking for her to lay out the principles of consciousness and I was disappointed and shocked that she didn’t have the answers. I was savvy enough to fill in enough multiple choice bubbles in the right patterns to get through school, and do well, but knew that inside, I had to continue looking for answers that satisfied my intellectual and spiritual curiosity.


In my expeditions so far, I have unearthed a convergence of these concepts: That the body has a physical function, but it also has a mental-emotional and psychospiritual one. Thankfully, patterns in one area are reflected in the others. And they intersect at one’s essence. Your symptoms can show you the truth of your health…and your life.

The power, responsibility and tremendously humbling aspect of this principle is overwhelming for many. You might think: “I have tons of aches and pains, and my energy/digestion/back/sleep/insert random body part-symptom here, has never been quite right. Oh merciful heavens, what could that mean is wrong with me? Can’t I just take a pill, or get a massage or just ignore it until it goes away?”

Oh. I have been there. And sometimes this works.

Other times…not heeding its call, can bring us to our knees.

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