Mentoring for Practitioners

Practitioners Circle

Too many practitioners are struggling.

I created the Practitioner Mentoring Circles to support the growth + development of colleagues + fellow healers. I want you to have a strong, solid business filled with people who truly appreciate your services + are more than happy to pay you. I am looking to cultivate a peer group of trusted practitioners who do effective, ethical work + have a great time doing it.

If you’re already familiar with my work + approach and feel ready to dig deeper, aim higher + kick-start-turbo-boost your progress exponentially, then this just might be for you.

Your practice grows as you do.

You can’t keep your essence out of your work. Especially in intimate exchanges like healer-client. You want to think that it is just clinically objective, but really, your work is a sum total of your experience as a human.

You can’t change the events + experiences you’ve had, but you can decide to work with what you’ve got + use it to heal yourself, and heal others.

This is the medicine you provide, from your lived experience. It is the purest stuff + the most potent. And it feels like magic when you share it.

There Are 2 Different Ways To Mentor With Me

1. Advanced Practical Modules

A-la-carte assistance with specific elements of your practice.

These modules were designed by request, for established practitioners–including coaches and other consultants–who felt they would benefit significantly from my assessment, observations + suggestions of their practice + practitioner development.

Please note: These are stand-alone sessions available in limited numbers, please contact Melanie at or 416-944-9186 if you are interested or have further questions.

Module 1:  Clinic Flow 

Clinic set-up, operations + flow: I visit your studio or office, or we connect via Skype + you take me through your office set up, client intake + recruitment procedure, flow of an appointment + follow up. We deconstruct it all + make it better. (3 hrs) $750

Module 2: Client Flow

One real-time client session: I sit in, we Skype or you record one real client session–maybe your toughest case, or just the most interesting one–I offer you my thoughts, ideas + feedback + you can even borrow my brain for client clinical care + management issues for this, your most compelling client. (2 hrs) $500

Module 3: Case Specifics

Virtual check-in: I sit in energetically during a full-day’s worth of your clients. We check in briefly at the beginning + in depth at the end, to discuss the cases, especially the tough ones + get clear on what is happening, point out interesting things + help you deepen your learning + understanding so you can evolve as a practitioner. (2 hrs) $500

Module 4: Workshop Flow

Workshop planing + delivery: Ready to leverage? Let’s get you + your message cleanly + effectively in front of a group of people. We can work in person or via Skype. This module consists of 4 sections: 1. We discuss your topic, content + best approaches + your audience. 2. We focus on the flow of content, pacing + the the engagement during the workshop itself, and also consider Marketing, sales + effective follow-up. 3. A brief check-in session just before the workshop, if needed 4. A brief session afterwards to discuss learnings, wrap-up + celebrate! If requested, and logistically possible, I may attend your workshop in lieu of sections 3 + 4. (3 hrs) $750

If you don’t see what you need here, please let us know. Make contact via my office manager, Melanie (, or 416-944-9186) + give us some details on what you’re working on + propose what you feel would be helpful. If I feel like I can help, we’ll work together to design something that will further your growth, and deepen + expand your practice.

2. The Life Ignite: Practitioner + Biz Membership Series

An ongoing community of supportive, like-minded healing practitioners, activists, creatives + holistically-minded entrepreneurs.

Flexible, affordable, powerful.

Catalyzing, collaborative, generous.

And Kick-ass Fun. (yes, I said it…)

Look for it in 2014.


Don’t Miss It! Practitioner + Biz Exclusive Membership Series: Launch 2014

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