Healing Approach + FAQs

Healing Approach

I’ll help you decipher and understand the symptoms + signs encoded in your health so you can move towards your goals faster rather than tramping the same ground.

I love working with intelligent, conscious people, open to possibilities, wanting to live a full and vibrant life.

I relate well to those who see health as a multidimensional, multilayered process and are interested in creating a healthy life not from trends and fads that rely on sheer will and discipline, but who understand that in order to create enduring health + wellness, the inspiration, behaviour and mindsets must come from a basis of personal truth, wisdom and meaning.

    1. I act as interpreter to unscramble and make sense of your body’s symptoms; symptoms always leave clues on your current challenges, obstacles, issues. I bring them to the surface so you can confront and transform them.
    2. I serve as an objective observer to point out blind spots, new paths and unseen opportunities when you perceive yourself trapped, so you can liberate yourself.
    3. I provide a fresh pair of eyes to give you perspective on what seems commonplace, providing you a possibility to re-frame and re-contextualize yourself, your experiences, your environment, and your lineage, so you can proceed with a more open heart.

I see our work together as a collaboration; an active and strategic partnership.

I ask that you are committed, engaged and prepared to move into a place of greater responsibility for your health and healing.

I act as a catalyst, and work on physical as well as energetic layers to help initiate gentle gradual shifts, upheavals in a big way, or something true in between. I support your intention for change and transformation, work with full respect of the body, heart and spirit and always leave the final decisions and responsibility for action up to you.


1. What is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND)?

Naturopathic Doctors are licensed health care professionals, that are the like the GPs of the complementary medicine world. They provide treatments such as clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, bodywork, and life counseling. Some have special interests with particular conditions (fertility, allergies, cancer etc…) or have specific skills sets in unique modalities (intravenous therapy, cosmetic acupuncture etc…) For more information on naturopathic medicine and to find NDs in provinces and states that have licensed practitioners, see http://cand.ca (Canada) or http://naturopathic.org (US)

2. What is Diane’s special interest or skill set? What treatments could I expect?

Diane is a specialized training in energy medicine + mind body medicine (Harvard School of Medicine). In fact, she is the only ND in North America trained in PaRama Level 2 Bodytalk the most advanced level of BodyTalk training currently available. Although she still uses traditional naturopathic approaches (acupuncture, diet and supplement recommendations, Bowen bodywork, herbs and homeopathy), her particular interest and specialized skillset is in addressing the psychospiritual emotional aspect of diseases and conditions, deeper healing and awakening potential. Depending on your issue + circumstances, you will likely receive a tailored combination of Naturopathic approaches, along with BodyTalk energy medicine and vibrational essences as part of your healing plan to help address the root cause.

3. What is PaRama BodyTalk, and what can it do for me?

PaRama Bodytalk is an innovative therapeutic system that allows us to to do state of the art Mind-Body balancing, reduce the number of supplements used, and to clear away conditioning and old patterns to allow for true healing. This approach can ease your evolution mental-emotionally and spiritually, and can allow for increased peace and focused direction in your life. It is a wonderful tool on its own, or to complement other complementary and/or conventional medical treatments because of its extremely low incidence of side effects, interactions and complications. See http://bodytalksystem.com for more information.

4. What is your clinical philosophy?

I love turning patients/clients into their own doctors, or at the very least, active participants and advocates for their own healing process.

I offer a guru- and dogma-free approach and will continually emphasize that it is your body that provides the wisdom and the information that guides the healing. I am merely the library, the database of information from which your system can choose a way to support its process.

The foundational principle of my practice is that the body knows how to heal itself, and that the body is wise; that when the body is not healing itself, there is a reason why, and a way to support it. If we learn to listen to it, and heed the messages within it can provide us with the shortest distance between our current state with our desired state of health and well-being.

5. Where and how did you develop your approach, and arrive at your current tools and techniques? I’ve never heard or seen of anything like this before.

On the surface — I will admit — my healing approach can seem a little unusual. It is driven by a set of pivotal experiences that I had as a very young person and is the result of 10+ years of clinical work, 20 years in the health and wellness industry and years and years of integrating my own teaching and experiences from yoga, vibrational medicine, meditation, consciousness, and spiritual philosophy with molecular biochemistry, conventional medicine, new physics and system dynamics theory. It also a result of the obsessive earnest and enthusiastic questioning of unquestioned answers that I received from the medical community, and fervently, unflinchingly seeking the answers that resonated and matched my own experience. When you observe + experience my process more closely, you will observe that what transpires is merely a result of my willingness to listen deeply and openly to truth and be present to it as unconditionally as I can. This is what allows the body to unfold and unfurl itself, peel back delusions and misperceptions and reveal its inherent shining nature. Transformation can appear like magic. It is. And it is not. A part of our basic intrinsic nature is to work towards finding resolution back to our true essence. Yet, I can only show you new doors, light up new opportunities and new ways of being. It is your job to walk it, practice it and action it.

6. What do follow-up sessions look like? How many will I need?

Each session, we’ll have the chance to discuss your concerns, we’ll do some work on the treatment table, you’ll receive a through explanation of findings, and then receive a custom note from our session that includes recommendations, reminders and homework—powerful teachings, self-inquiry exercises, energy-tuning remedies—designed to give your system the steps it can handle to get you closer to where you want to go.

It takes time for the work and remedies to integrate and then for the new issues to surface. There will be things that Diane will suggest to help you support and encourage this process. You can expect changes to unfold subtly, yet profoundly.

We are not ‘appointment pushy.’ Follow up sessions are usually scheduled anywhere from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 months apart, always at the clients’ discretion.

The number of sessions you require varies widely depending on the duration and severity of your condition, receptivity and state of wellness, but we generally recommend at least 3 sessions to assess if things are moving in the right direction for you.

7. Can a recording be made of my sessions?

MP3 recordings of both in-person and phone sessions can be made and sent to you on request, however privacy by email cannot be assured.

8. Are treatments covered by OHIP?

Please be advised that Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by OHIP, but is covered by most extended health care plans (e.g. Manulife, Liberty Health, Great West Life). Please contact your employer or insurance provider to determine or extend the extent of your coverage. Please note that group healing sessions and clinic workshops do not qualify for insurance as they are not 1-on-1 visits.