1-on-1 Private Sessions


Crave a deeper + clearer understanding of your body + mind so that you can get to + stay at the top of your game.

Have taken yourself as far as you can go, and would like an outside eye—an objective, informed + compassionate one—to offer a new perspective, a fresh vantage point + show the large scale picture of how all the pieces fit so that you can make the right decisions for yourself.

Are done with band-aids + chasing symptoms around + ready to unravel, unlearn, rewire + unleash so that you can fully experience your life + offer your natural gifts + talents to the world.

My goals:

To get you better attuned to yourself. To help you figure out what the next, best steps are, to move you closer–be it in increments or in leaps + bounds–to the happiest + healthiest version of yourself.

My approach:

A unique hybrid of conscientious, caring + completely off the grid medicine. I consider a vast number of variables + then prescribe a precise set of solutions + practices.

What to expect + how it is different:

The structure is the same as a typical Naturopathic visit but the parameters are very different. Testing + supplements are kept to the bare minimum, if used at all. I’ve never needed excessive amounts of either to get great results. Both elements are used only in the context of allowing the deeper healing to unfold.

Think of it as “workshop-style”

Rather than the typical doctor-patient exchange, we engage in collaborative, multilayered discussion. After an initial assessment where we are able to assess priorities + imbalances, we select the most appropriate approach for your system that will allow it to be shift most efficiently forward, at that moment. We are always working with the fullest respect of your body, doing only as much as you’re able to properly integrate at any one session.

Afterwards–and even at your first visit–you will receive a unique package of powerful teachings, self-inquiry exercises, learn skills + techniques or receive energy-tuning remedies. Your symptoms will begin to be alleviated, and you will learn from them. The wisdom you gain provides freedom, empowerment and joy.


You decide how often it benefits you to come. I am not appointment pushy. I’ll make suggestions based on how efficiently the body seems to be integrating the work, but these sessions are designed to unfold + integrate in the real time of your life. You will find that the effects of a session can take anywhere from a week to more commonly, several months to fully settle in. In order to provide ongoing inspiration, support + momentum between appointments, many clients will find that will benefit from the Circle or Clinic Membership Series that will launch in 2014.

How to book your 1-on-1 private session:

  1. Please call or email Melanie (the Office Manager) at 416-944-9186 or info@drdianechung.com with a few lines about your current health + situation and where you’re looking to take it.
  2. Melanie will let you know if it sounds like we are a good fit and help you set up your initial appointment.
  3. She’ll send you initial intake forms and help you set up an appointment time.
  4. You send back the form and include any pertinent laboratory tests and/or lists of medications-supplements a few days before the appointment.
  5. You come in — or I’ll call or Skype you—at the designated time.
  6. Initial sessions are 1.5 hr duration ($412.90 + remedies).  Follow up sessions are billed at $275/hr and can be booked in 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 hr increments. Payment is due at the completion of the visit*.

Want to know more about my approach? Check out my Healing Approach + FAQs

* * *

More About The Clinic:

We are located on the 3rd floor of the Park Road Healing Arts, a radiant + tranquial health centre located minutes from Yonge + Bloor, in Toronto, Canada.

When you contact the office you’ll be greeted by Melanie, who is my Office Manager + professional right hand. Really, get to know her here. She is awesome.