Work With Me: An Overview

I work with a thrillingly diverse array of clients–CEOs, artists and bankers, activists, lawyers, teachers and shamans, fashion types, realtors and actors, accountants, coaches and entrepreneurs and health care practitioners of every stripe.

What do they have in common?

The people I work with are:

  • Seeking transformation. They are looking to go from good to great.
  • In transition. They may be between jobs, friends, relationships, careers, stages of life or various states of mind.
  • Ready to finally heal (any level of) trauma in their lives.
  • Fed up with their chronic conditions and old patterns. Willing to do pretty much whatever it takes–even facing themselves (haha!), to get to the bottom of them and bring forward their respective resolutions.

It will help if you have…

  • Some familiarity with basic nutritional and lifestyle factors (to get the most of our time together you’ll have done some clean up on your diet, figured out some sort of self care work for yourself and ruled out any fundamental functional imbalances with a traditional ND or holistic nutritionist, if that applies)
  • Experience with psychotherapy, meditation, or have a comfortable level of self-awareness with exploring your own issues
  • An openness to exploring roads less travelled and believe that your life is an adventure, opportunity and gift.
  • Of note: I am a trained primary clinician and teacher however, there’s a segment of my work that doesn’t adhere neatly into the current scientific understanding and arena. If you find this disquieting and uncomfortable, we may not be a good fit.