Daily Healing Prompts

As you may know, I did my undergrad in biochemistry.

I spent a lot of my lab time performing a technique known as, titration.

In observing the process, what you’ll witness is that subtle, tiny changes applied consistently over time, creates massive results.

Witness: erosion of water on mountains, the alchemy of grapes to wine, the transformation of carbon to diamonds.

This is the foundation of our daily healing prompts.

Every weekday morning for a few years now I have been putting out these simple prompts on my social media networks. I’d like to think that if nothing else, they’ll assist in some small way with your transformative process of becoming more whole

A micro nudge, a quantum poke, light, inspiring winks that remind you to reconnect to yourself, so you can then usefully + meaningfully connect to others.

Imagine, a multidimensionally packed morsel of goodness, sometimes bright, maybe provocative, often surprising, always interesting + crafted for your inbox. Daily.

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Who knows what will happen?

It may inspire you to instigate, contemplate, conspire, discard, dismiss or change…

…and maybe even, Be the change.

See you there.