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breathingBreathing Exercises Handout

This handout contains a diverse collection of breathing techniques so you can pick + choose your favorites or discover some new ones. It’ll give you an arsenal to meet destabilizing stress where the real bottle neck resides–at the breath. So simple, easy, cheap, always available + no side effects. As I tell my clients, breathing well is so basic…but if you’re not doing it, it’s a problem. Oh yes, and most people don’t even know that there are different ways to breathe, ways that can ease relaxation, quickly + effectively discharge emotion + methods that increase your energy + stamina when it wanes. Deceptively simple. Surprisingly powerful. As the yogis say, perfect breath, perfect health. No pressure… just start here. [free download]


thethreestepThe 3 Step Meditation Process

There is a big buzz around the word ‘meditation’. Such that people are now feel stressed when they hear the word. *Sigh. Counterproductive, yes? I am a big believer in a no-fuss-whatever-works approach to meditation–meaning the practice of quieting + focusing the mind to return to the present moment. Your 3 steps might consist of lacing up your shoes, opening the door + perfecting your runners’ gait, or knit one, perl two, playing with a beloved pet, losing yourself in a favorite song or, simply sitting quietly. I invite you to make it so easy + natural to yourself, that you can’t wait to get to doing it on a regular basis. Props + fussiness, always optional. [free download]



Free Resources

thinkbiggerThink Bigger: Changing The Conversation From Your Symptoms To Your Wellness

Health is all about how well your body feels. Anyone who tells you differently has their priorities all mixed up. Your symptoms matter, but they are clues. Clues to the greater context of your life. Indicators for whether you are doing what you’re here to do, or off-track in some way. I start a lot of my sessions with questions very similar to this one. To help people see where they really are compared to where they want to be. That clarity forms the basis for our priorities + progress further together. Sometimes, seeing it is validating, other times just seeing it is enough but for most people, it is just the beginning. But a real beginning–to focus on what really matters to them. Here’s your chance. [free download]


foodlabThe Food Lab Series: Knowing Your Body Inside Out

Food is emotional. People get all confused + excited + guilty + fearful when it comes to food. The associations are twisted + the messaging is manipulative. What’s food really about again? Oh yeah…nourishment. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of Naturopathic Medicine, and it indeed is fundamental. But as a culture, it has gotten way too dogmatic. My experience has shown me that there are are as many different diets as there are people. Your job, as a human is to find what works for you. Few people teach this. Too often it is about what that book says, what the research says, what the news says, what your friends say. And increasingly it is about what a particular lab test says. All useful, but very little is meaningful for you personally. This handout helps you connect the dots between the things you eat, and how you feel. Empowering you with the body-based information you need, to make decisions on feeding that very body. [free download]



They’re not available yet, but coming soon. Jump on the mailing list if you’re jonesing about availability. We’re hopeful to have them in time for the holidays. xxo


lifeigniteLife Ignite Journal

Love #dailyhealing prompts? Now, don’t you think they’d be interestingly useful if they happened to be serendipitously sprinkled throughout a daily journal? Us too. I wanted to create a place for you to jot down your life scribblings, personal musings + inspired notes-to-self and have encouraging + inspiring morsels along the way. Plus, I love journals. So this is my offering for you, for your best friend, your writing group or your favorite coaching client. Beautifully bound. Created with loving intention.



lifeigniteminibookLife Ignite: A MiniBook of Quips + Quotes

There might be a time that you need some guidance, new direction or encouragement to see things in a different way. When you’re starved for inspiration + craving something that speaks your language + prods you to reconsider + help you un-stick yourself from whatever you think you’re stuck with. Read it cover to cover. Use it one page at a time, for a fresh lens on the day. Ask a question + open to a page for a literary wink. Use this book as a flashlight. This is a book designed to spark insight.



lifeignitedaybookLife Ignite: A Daybook of 365 Contemplations + Considerations For Your Healing

It is crucial how you start + end your day. And I would love people to start + end the same way–in peace, with purpose + stirring with inciting doses of self awareness. Each Day contains broad outlines–each has a juicy nugget to consider, a bumpy edge on which to contemplate, and an engaging practice to bring you, day to day, just this much closer to your healing. This is a book that helps you direct your attention + intention back to what matters.



Upcoming Programs

Launching 2014… A carefully crafted Membership Series on a private site, providing reliable, flexible, affordable + dynamically generous tools, resources + support whenever you need it. Sign up on our mailing list for earliest notice.


inspirecircleLife Ignite Circle Membership:: Inspire // Encourage

For general support, sparks of encouragement + ongoing momentum.

A monthly 40-min meditation + 40-min spiritual Q+A

Find out more, here.



acceleratecircleLife Ignite Clinic Membership:: Accelerate // Cultivate

For deeper work on specific issues, as seen through my unique + specific lens.

Approaches your body from new angles + gets into hidden corners so your light can shines cleaner, brighter.

Monthly teaching, integration session + open Q/A.

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practitionerscircleLife Ignite Practitioners + Biz Membership:: Catalyze // Contribute

For professional healing practitioners, activists, creatives + holistically-minded entrepreneurs.

An invaluable resource of people + a useful archive of practical resources to reference.

Monthly training, integration session + open Q+A.

You can get info anywhere, but strategy + good questions + pointed, well-intentioned inquiry is hard to find. Coming 2014. Don’t miss this.