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Catalyze + Contribute.


Are you…

Serious about creating the most authentic, sustainable, joyful version of your health, your work + your life?

Ready to find blindsots, fearlessly excavate shadow areas for new light + get the nitty gritty clarifications that you need to clearly transmit your genius to others?

Ready to face the unavoidable fact that your business grows as you do?


To really make a change fast you’ve got to a level above the tired old tactics–and take a look at your systems + strategies.

This isn’t your typical business or change-making group.

You can get info anywhere, but strategy, good questions + pointed, well-intentioned inquiry is hard to find.



January 28 – The Decision Module
February 25 – The Clarity Module
March 25 – The Focus Module
April 15 – The Productivity Module
May 20- The Positioning Module
June 17 – The Work-Life Balance Module
July 22 – The Meaning + Purpose Module
August 19 – The Get Great Clients Module
September 23 – The Keeping Great Clients Module
October 21 – The Leadership Module
November 18 – The Profits Module
December 16 – The Intuitive Business Module


* Usually every 3rd Tuesday of the month, professional healing practitioners, holistic business owners + serious seekers gather to take a closer look at what it takes to create an authentic, lucrative, sustainable life + livelihood.

* Each session consists of training, integration exercise, group guided healing meditation + open Q+A.

* It’s a holisitic experience designed to help you ground the theories + make the learning more clear, relevant + embodied.


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