About Meditation Circle

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Inspiration + Encouragement

Do you…
Crave a better solution to your physical ailments?
Know that you have more to give but tend to get confused, anxious + stuck because you don’t know where to start?
Want to find a way to spark your inspiration, get a firm nudge or swift kick of encouragement?
Some deep contemplation + profoundly provocative + thoughtful discussion just might do the trick.
Join us here if you know know that have more to give but sometimes get off track + have trouble finding your way back as quickly as you’d like.
Because meditating in a group is powerful.

 It’s hard to find the time to be quiet. To hear yourself think. Ask yourself the questions you know need to be asked.

Usually on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, we sit together in 40 min (2 x 20 min sessions) of luxurious…and useful…meditation.


* Each session I will introduce instruction on a different meditation technique–with the option of using it or not–during the sessions.

* After the session, I’ll give a short talk + then open Q+A.

* Finally we’ll open the floor to for sharing, where you can learn from others in deeply connected, highly useful + often unexpected new ways.


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