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Acceleration + Cultivation.

Are you…

Looking for a fresh approach?

Want to finally be free of old patterns + sabotaging behaviours?

Open + willing to change the relationship you have with your chronic symptoms?


You are ready to start finding new paths + create an effective new plan for yourself…that actually works and that you’re actually *excited to do.

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2014 -

January 14 – The Digestive System: The Spleen, Stomach + Anxiety

February 11 – The Immune System: The Lung, Large Intestine + Letting Go

March 4 – The Detoxification System: The Liver, Gallbladder + Anger

April 1 – The Nervous System: The Heart, Small Intestine + Joy

May 6 – The Circulatory System: The Kidney, Bladder + Uncertainty

June 3 – The Hormonal System: The Central Channels + Balance

July 8 – Finding Meaning by Allowing Joy

August 5 – Finding Love by Allowing Intimacy

September 9 – Finding Fulfilling Work by Allowing Service

October 7 – Finding Your Inner Parent by Allowing Leadership

November 4 – Finding Your Voice by Allowing Truth

December 2 – Finding Your Feelings by Allowing Vulnerability


This is deeper work on specific issues, as seen through my unique + specific lens.

We approach the body from new angles + get into the hidden corners so you get clearer + shine brighter.

* Once a month, we take a closer look at your major health systems + key life issues through my unique perspective + experience.

* Each session consists of training, integration exercise, group guided healing meditation + open Q+A.

* It’s a holistic experience designed to help you ground the theories + make the learning more clear, relevant + embodied.


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