Anger, Sadness + How To Become New


Emotions are present for a purpose. To tell you that you are missing information.

In order to extract that information, they first need to be accepted + fully expressed. Once you do this, you can see and feel clearly what is underneath, understand it and then move forward with new wisdom and insight.

Explosive anger is repressed truth, unleashed.

Anger expressed daily, honestly, in the moment, is known as….truth.

Anger informs you about letting go of what you cannot control. So you can claim and engage with what you can.

Sadness and grief helps us dissolve and release what no longer works, and make room for something new, that does.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to change is convincing yourself you really can, that it’s possible, and to really do it differently this time so it is.

See if you’re clinging desperately to old, outdated ideas of who you are, and aren’t, and see if that’s preventing you from becoming new.

If you want to be more in your power, you have to take on the responsibility of loving yourself unconditionally enough to offset the possibility, the inevitability, that in the event that you screw up, that you can still forgive yourself.

Listen more.

Invite in more compassion and joyful aliveness.. Detach from the emotional baggage of having negative and hurtful experiences as a child and invite in compassion and open to the possibility of connection with others and the world.

The capacity to learn from our mistakes is highly underrated and underutilized.

Don’t be confused. As long as you know that you are moving forward, no one else’s opinion matters.

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