Tiska Wiedermann

You are the Missing Ingredient!

Have you taken this path before?

The road to health and wellness is a complicated path, fraught with good intentions and blind mistakes at every step. Beware! Back pain? Take some analgesics, do some Pilates. Feel sluggish and lack energy? Must be low haemoglobin, and maybe get that thyroid checked! Gaining weight? OK, time to – pick one – eliminate carbs/become a vegan/declare your war on sugar and/or do a cleansing fast. Menopausal symptoms? Don’t get me started!

The missing ingredient

We think these are symptoms of disease, poor health or general imbalance, and we might look for the cause: It must be a virus! A chemical toxin! Too much inflammation. Or we skip the cause and zoom right over to a solution, often in the form of a key ingredient that’s missing. If ONLY we could take that supplement or medication, or take up that specific form of treatment or exercise, we would feel well again. Some people you speak to seem to have found the thing – the missing ingredient, and they will refer you to their (fill in the blank) therapist, faith healer, chiropractor, Pilates instructor, yogi, homeopath or doctor, who will prescribe the thing – the missing ingredient or treatment that you need to feel healthy, happy and wise. We think that this missing ingredient is the cause of our sickness and the end of our journey to achieving health. But in fact, this missing ingredient is not the end of our search, but only the beginning of our journey toward wholeness.

Dr. Diane Chung

Dr. Diane Chung is a gifted practitioner in the healing arts. I refer to her as a wholeness practitioner, for what I believe she ultimately offers her patients/clients is a chance at wholeness. Interestingly, while she does offer different remedies and treatments for individuals to cope with self-described ‘ailments’, in the end her greatest gift is helping us—her patients—move toward the insightful light that we already possess. We already are ‘the thing’ that we believe is missing.

By virtue of being born, we have been given the gift of everything we need: that we are indeed whole, that we already contain the seeds of our own healing, and that what we require more than treatment, remedies, strategies, and fixes, is perhaps a clearer, more complete picture of our nature and a new, more multi-dimensional archive drawer of perceptions about our nature from which to draw from. Deep, deep in our Being we have intuited its existence. We know we are more than the sum of our perceived parts. We are more than material, mechanical entities driven by a brain.

That’s why we are here, and that is perhaps why you have accessed Dr. Chung’s website. You are finally ready to explore and take a long-deserved ride on the spiral within yourself. After all these years searching, and trying, and disappointing yourself, you have a chance to become whole and receive the benefits of all that it encompasses: physical vigour, powerful energy, creative drive, a sense of purpose, joy, humour, strength, peace with others, and a profound readiness and welcoming into your life of all the glorious ups and downs that accompany the wishes you intuited about your purpose while growing up as a child, but which perhaps had slowly faded from your grasp.

Dr. Chung’s gift is, I believe, her multi-dimensional approach to wholeness and health. Her unique Body-Talk approach seems to connect us into a powerful grid of physical, psychological and spiritual energy that, if you’ve ever intuited was present, you will actually experience. You will come to realize that your body is just the beginning of your journey toward wholeness, and you will be thankful to be accompanied by such a skilled practitioner as Dr. Chung.

— Tiska Wiedermann

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