Paula Conrad

When the opportunity to join Dr. Diane Chung’s PRACTITIONERS MENTORING CIRCLE presented itself, I was full of questions and concerns, me?  Really?  Why?  Why now?  Can I afford this?  Who else is involved?  What will be expected of me?  Do I have what it takes?  Etc.

It finally occurred to me that if I was ever going to truly “walk the talk” of all the physical, emotional and spiritual work that Diane had been masterfully guiding me through over the past 5+ years, this challenge, although quite daunting at the time, just felt RIGHT.  I knew that with Diane at the helm, this experience would be life altering and fun, so I allowed myself one more question – How could I pass this up?!

With the decision made, I focused on possibilities, being open to whatever was coming my way, trusting fully in Diane.


With Diane’s unique brand of dead-on intuition and skillful guidance, I dug deep and began shedding layers of unproductive belief systems and patterns.  I learned how to let in the light.  I acquired valuable tools.  I got properly schooled on how to live in truth, with an open heart, to operate from my knowing place and to give my all to fulfilling my purpose.


I am now deeply and irrevocably connected with incredible soul sisters – hands down, THE MOST AMAZING support system of insightful, inspiring, rock star women, whose unfailing acceptance, encouragement and love is an exquisite revelation.  They are truly a gift beyond measure.

Seriously, what more could a girl possibly ask for?!

This program has opened and lifted me in ways that I could never before have imagined.  I am profoundly and forever grateful to Diane.
— Paula Conrad

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