Melanie Isis Tinken

I have been in the incredibly privileged position of being under Diane’s care as a patient for 6 years. During this period I experienced a shedding of my former self, I learned an entire new language and paradigm for growing and transforming old emotional baggage. The private 1:1 sessions saved my life.

Being a part of Diane Chung’s Practitioner’s Mentoring Circle has taken my prior transformation to another level. For the last 6 months, under Diane’s wisdom, care and experience I have learned a new modality for life, work and service. This is like a graduate course for putting your dreams to good use in the world. I learned what’s been in the way, the subtle and nuanced blocks, as well as the not so subtle belief systems that have been standing in the way of making my vision, and calling a reality.

Through Diane’s gentle coaching and sometimes laser like truth telling I got a picture of what has been standing in my way. I now have a map and toolkit to guide me. I have developed a deeper commitment and certainty that I know what I am here to do. I know where to turn when the going gets tough, what questions to ask, and what belief systems to discard. I have developed a profound and lasting connection with a circle of esteemed collaborators, and sisters; we continue to cheer one another on and celebrate our wins and discuss our struggles. Diane’s mentoring circle has taught me how to get real with my calling, listen, and ACT on what I already know. I now understand how to plot my steps going forward. The bonus is it continues to work and change after the 6 months has past. If you want to make a big leap in your life to do what you are meant to do instead of just thinking about it and you don’t know where to start I highly recommend investing in yourself and applying to her program.
— Melanie Isis Tinken

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