Leslie J.

A year ago I was unemployed, severely depressed, suffering from semi constant panic attacks, becoming increasingly agoraphobic, angry (though I didn’t know why), in constant inexplicable pain, as close as I’d ever like to be to losing the man in my life, had little to no self esteem/worth to speak of and had NO idea how I was going to get back on track.

We did tons of body work and counselling and I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I am not the same person. Today I am on the verge of a new career, haven’t had a panic attack in months, seriously doubt depression is something I’m going to have to worry about again, have an explanation for every pain and ache other doctors said weren’t really there.

Within weeks of meeting Diane and understanding the type of work she can do and what a difference it can make in a person’s life, I ‘enlisted’ my mother, sister, best friend and my two god daughters, and my brother. They all see her now and are doing just as great in their lives and individual paths with Diane’s help.

If you’re just learning about natural medicine and are not sure, stay on this path and let Diane help guide you. It’s no accident you’re reading this now; and if its someone that’s been going to Diane for weeks or years and knows what her work and guidance can do, pass it on to whoever will listen… she’s too great a gift not to share.

My first appointment with Dr. Diane Chung and an open mind to natural medicine is the best gift I ever gave myself.

— Leslie J., Real Estate Agent, Toronto, ON

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