Kristine Apostol

Being a part of Dr. Diane Chung’s Practitioner’s Mentoring Circle is like going on a 6 month journey, where the destination is “within”. I had originally packed my suitcase with what I thought I needed, along with a map of where I wanted to go; however, my experience in this journey provided me with more tools than I had expected and a map that constantly changed course.  It allowed me to see the true beauty which lies within. The most amazing part was that I was in the company of beautiful, compassionate and loving people. Dr. Diane Chung was our special tour guide and, wow, she truly guided us on an adventure.

My adventure started with nervous excitement that soon transformed into peaceful and calming serenity. This turned to moments of uphill battles and rough waters but through it all, Diane kept me afloat; teaching, guiding, inspiring, motivating and of course “pushing” at those times when I needed the push.  She opened doors for me that I never knew existed, gave me a new perspective on the importance of self care and a whole new meaning for self-love.

She helped peel away layers and masks that were no longer needed. She helped me to truly see myself in all forms and embrace myself. My life shifted in a new direction and gave me more room to fully express myself, therefore enhancing and deepening relationships with family, friends, colleagues, clients and even nature. The tools, knowledge and wisdom I learned in this mentoring program not only brought me a deeper understanding of who I am, but, also how I can best serve others. Not only in my chosen career but in my daily interactions with everyone I meet in life. I am truly grateful for this experience and for Dr. Diane Chung. I am grateful for her unique way of mentoring, she chose the right group of people, at the perfect time and gave us the tools required to bloom from within! I highly recommend this course for anyone ready to embrace their own uniqueness and individual beauty. The program will allow you to flourish because the possibilities are endless. It starts with you and your commitment to yourself, so sign up and get ready to go on an amazing trip!
— Kristine Apostol

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