Kim Chung

There are not enough words to truly describe how I transformed, and how my vision for my life and work expanded, from being part of Dr. D’s Mentorship Circle. My intention for joining the circle was to get a kick in the butt in order to launch several business ideas while working a demanding full-time job. What I got instead were tons of tools, love, support, perspectives, insights, honest feedback, a SOLID foundation to start and sustain any business AND lifelong friends and soul sisters.

For years, I have been searching for a mentor and a mastermind group to help me make the transition from the corporate world into a life of inspiring entrepreneurship, nothing felt right. I made my decision to join the Mentorship Circle only after having two private clinical sessions with Dr. D.

Her work in the private sessions blew me away and I felt that being in the Mentorship will only accelerate my healing. Well, was I in for some MAGIC, this is what I got from Dr. D and a group of carefully selected powerful women in just 6 months:

Tangibles: Improved marriage. Found a way to inspire in my full-time work until I make a full transition towards my dreams. Found my life purpose. I made a connection between all of my seemingly unrelated business ideas. Took steps to clear out/deal with late tax filings (these were huge shackles to my financial/business health). I created a vision for my life and business. I learned to care for me.

Intangibles: I learned to trust and listen to myself. To always look within for answers. In this process, I became more intuitive, more AWAKE and I am practicing daily to just BE. A new perspective on FREEDOM, it is not just about money (I thought it was all about money) I actually know and feel that I am FREE (huge for me!). I feel more alive, more on purpose. I cultivated a deep knowing and expectation that I will naturally fulfill all of my dreams. Oh, and one more thing, I learned to heal myself, my soul and body.

Was it worth it? RESOUNDING YES! This experience was priceless for me. If you are serious about transforming your business, your relationships, heck, your LIFE, then listen to your heart and go for this!
&emdash Kim Chung

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