Kerry Ford

I have come full circle with Diane over the past 3 years. Change would be another great word to accompany an explanation of the metamorphosis that has occurred through her care. Yet somehow words fall short.

When I began seeing Diane as a BodyTalk patient 3 years ago, I was a holistic ,healthcare, professional, full of passion and drive to create change, but no idea what direction I was meant to walk in. My initial focus with her in 1:1 sessions were surface issues; physical ailments. But something magical yet altogether real began to unfold as I made the easy commitment to see her on a regular basis; I was changing. I began to make different choices; better choices, for myself and my life. I began truly looking at who I was, who I wasn’t and what belief systems and habitual patterns needed to go so I could find my voice and my vision; as a practitioner, yes, but first, as the whole person I was meant to express.

The shifts are almost inexplicable because they were so subtle yet so incredibly powerful. My life unfolded in beautiful and timely ways, and also in challenging but altogether necessary ways.

As a woman, I so deeply trust with my life, I embarked on a journey she was offering to take 8 women on in a mentoring capacity. I had a strong knowing this was a one way ticket to some serious self work. Little did I know, I had no idea that the expansiveness of the journey I was taking.

There are very few words I can honestly use to explain the experience in this 6 month period; true work, deeply compassionate and individualized support. Tangible stepping stones. Pure, unconditional love. Integrity. Wisdom. And a gift that will forever change my life; a true, unconditionally loving community of women who will nudge you when you need a push; and support you on your journey to greatness.

I can’t say much about Diane without a little tear-shedding. Her kind spirit; her unconditional love and support as a practitioner and mentor have been nothing short of miraculous. My entire way of being in the world has changed. My life is flourishing with possibilities and probabilities that, prior to her guidance, would have been towered by fears and doubts. Her integrity as a person with such exceptional power and intuitive abilities as a practitioner and person, are beyond anything I have seen the likes of in the 15 years I have been present in the holistic health field.

When asked or boasted about, she will let you know that it is you who has done all the work. True. But I would trust few else to take me on this journey.

So after 3 years spent under her care, and the privilege of flying briefly under her wing, I have come full circle from the scared, doubtful girl that sat before her. With clear vision and purpose to heal people, animals and environment, I have a growing practice as a holistic health care and BodyTalk Practitioner. Challenges will always be present. But I cringe to think of all my life would NOT be, without the experiences I have shared with Diane in her sacred spaces of clinic and mentorship practices. Diane has a magnificent gift of bringing together and guiding individuals and communities of people, who are truly ready to create change within and without their own worlds.

I happily take every step forward on my path, with deep and abiding gratitude for her love and support.
— Kerry Ford

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