1. What made you decide to work with Diane? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made her stand out in some way?

To be honest, before I met Diane, I was happy with the general direction of my life and I was pretty confident that I already had a great team of people, including alternative health practitioners, who could help me with whatever I needed. Having healed myself of chronic illness with the help of an amazing team of people, I felt like I already knew many practitioners who could offer the kinds of services Diane offers.

I was soon to learn how wrong I was. One day, a very good friend told me she had a session with Diane. When she described the kinds of insights Diane provided, I knew right away I had to see for myself.

Diane’s level of BodyTalk and her specific kind of energy work is like none other I’ve experienced. Although I work full-time as a Risk Management Program Manager in women’s health, my part-time work is as a Reiki Master and Reflexologist. Knowing and experiencing many different kinds of energy work is nothing new to me, and yet it was clear to me that Diane provides something very, very special. Her ability to laser beam directly to the ‘cause’ of an issue, be it physical or emotional, was life changing from the very beginning. I am so grateful for her service.

2. What was life like before working with Diane?

Right before I started working with Diane, I was going through some transition. I felt like there was something I was missing. Although I didn’t feel unhappy with my life, I certainly didn’t feel peaceful; I was ‘out of the zone’, so to speak. I was in a great relationship, my job was enjoyable, I had lots of love in my life and yet I felt like I was spinning really fast and couldn’t slow down. I was confused and didn’t know why. I spoke to Diane about my frustration that I didn’t feel the peace I used to feel so easily at one time in my life. Diane gently reminded me that the way I was feeling ‘now’ was all that mattered and that focussing on the way I used to feel wasn’t helpful.

I was very attached to ‘the way I used to feel’. I’m so grateful to feel a lot of peace today. It didn’t happen right away and I have no doubt that life will continue to throw curve balls. Sometimes it’s useful to experience the contrast of uncertainty; finding my way back to peace is even sweeter. The trick is remembering that gift of uncertainly when I’m feeling discombobulated! I’m going to enjoy this ride as long as it lasts and when the next dip happens, I know who I’ll call. Without Diane, I’m not sure I would have found my way back to myself so quickly. Her insight and ability to ‘see’ the truth is uncanny.

3. How has working with Diane helped?

Every time I see Diane, I’m excited about what we’ll discover. I’m just open to the process and kind of feel like I’m about to open a juicy present before every appointment. Diane has helped me see fears I wasn’t aware of. With that new awareness, I can let those fears go, and in the process of letting go I have found so much freedom. It may sound simple, but it’s really quite extraordinary.

4. Tell us more about the process and how you worked it through.

Although Diane’s approach to physical issues is amazing, I find my time with her most useful when I bring emotional challenges to the session. It feels like we do puzzle work together. I bring in a few pieces, we do a BodyTalk session, and I leave with enough pieces to make out a large section of the puzzle. It’s fun. Of course, the process doesn’t always feel fun in the moment. I’ve cried, I’ve been angry, but mostly I’ve felt amazed and grateful.

5. What is it about working with Diane that you find most valuable?

BodyTalk, without a doubt.

6. What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I am capable of a lot on my own, but I am capable of a lot more with the help of others. I knew this before, but I am re-learning it in a new way with Diane.

7. What have been your biggest insights/light bulb moments from working with Diane?

I don’t have one big moment to share. Every session has many light bulb moments, some more subtle than others, but all have that same feeling of promised freedom. It’s so much fun to see those promises fulfilled.

8. What are you working on now? What is life like now?

Right now, I’m interested in what I will always be interested in – love and surrender. Life is full of both. The love is constant, the surrender is growing.

9. What is the single most important benefit that you’ve achieved from working with Diane?

Loving myself more deeply and the excitement of knowing there’s more to come.

10. What do you think life is going to be like in the future after today?

Life will continue to be a big playground. When I work with Diane there’s more to see, more rides to play on.

11. What would you like to celebrate?

All of us. We’re freakin’ amazing.

— K.B., Risk Management Program Manager in women’s health, Reiki Master and Reflexologist, Toronto

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