Jessica Rose

1. What made you decide to work with Diane? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made her stand out in some way?

What initially struck me about Diane was how warm, wise, and incredibly understanding she was. I am not sure how our relationship evolved from discussing stomach pains to exploring the deepest parts of my soul — but very quickly she became one my closest confidants. Her approach just fit so naturally with the way I work, and she helped me understand and prioritize my health to a degree that has since completely changed my life. She is also wonderful to laugh with.

During the first year working with her, I remember finally understanding on a deep level how my physical and emotional selves were completely intertwined. For the first time I ‘got’ the connection between food and mood, and how my thoughts and emotions were consistently linked to the well-being of my body. I noticed that when I had a physical symptom and was able to uncover the emotional root of it, very soon after my appointment the problem would melt away.

I had always been interested in alternative modes of healing and spiritual exploration, but for the first time I began to make connections, and understand patterns in my life in a way that completely transformed my sense of self and how I viewed the world. What made Diane so special was that she made the process fun, meaningful, and safe, and she was actually invested in my journey – I never felt like just another patient. She knows the names of my friends and family, my dreams, my fears, my short and long-term goals. She is incredibly unique. I have now been with her for about six years, and she has been with me through everything in that time, always supporting my growth and helping me become the fullest expression of who I am.

2. What was life like before working with Diane?

Less conscious. I was constantly ignoring my body’s signals when I ate food that didn’t agree with me. I was less aware of my body, less intuitive, less grounded, and less trusting. I had a more limited perspective on the world and could not identify my blocks, patterns, or deep-seated issues clearly enough to work through them in a productive way. I was far less invested in my personal growth.

3. How has working with Diane helped?

Diane has the most amazing way of identifying and articulating (or helping me identify and articulate) the key issues that are blocking my growth. She is challenging and firm when she needs to be, but in a way that is completely compassionate, nurturing and loving. I now look at myself more honestly, my thoughts are clearer; my intentions are more specific and pure, and I am more goal-oriented. She helps me make sense of the patterns and reoccurring themes in my life, and look at my life from a larger perspective —- where I can identify the meaning behind things and push myself to grow in broader and deeper ways.

She also always offers the most amazing, unbiased perspective. When I enter her office feeling cloudy and emotional, she will never tell me what she thinks I want to hear – she offers compassionate truth. I can trust her. She asks you to take responsibility for yourself and your growth. She has never let me get away with blaming or dumping on other people. I leave with more clarity, more purpose, and a sense of ownership over my own life.

4. Tell us more about the process and how you worked it through.

Lots and lots of self-reflection. A commitment to personal growth. Learning to take full responsibility for my life and my emotions, (not easy!). Finding meaning and purpose and setting goals (life goals / physical goals / emotional goals) that I believe will bring me closer to my dreams.

Our sessions usually begin with a conversation. We just talk about how things are going, physically, emotionally, spiritually, whatever it is. Sometimes we laugh together, and sometimes she spends the whole session handing me tissues (I think I owe her a new box or two). She often helps me identify the key issues we need to work through, asking me questions that help me think through the problem and more clearly understand my own feelings. Once we have talked it out, I get on the table for some BodyTalk. Usually at the end of the session I get some homework or remedies to help me work through a particular issue.

The BodyTalk has also been profoundly helpful. I remember a time when I was dealing with an emotional problem that was causing a great deal of trouble for me on a daily basis. It kept me up crying every night. I could not seem to get past it on my own, so I brought it up in one of my sessions. Diane did BodyTalk on me, and after that appointment it never occurred again. In fact, I gave so little thought to it after my appointment that I barely realized it wasn’t happening anymore until months later. There have been many, many instances like this one where the BodyTalk has basically eliminated issues one by one that at one time were causing me stress and pain. I have been able to quickly move through different phases of my life, healing at the core. If only I understood exactly how BodyTalk works!

Still, I want to be clear. It hasn’t always been easy. I still go through difficult periods in my life that feel never-ending, and get impatient and frustrated with myself and “the universe”. This is an ongoing process, and there are no quick fixes. For me, it has been a long-term commitment to personal growth. But I do feel that my journey towards my goals has been accelerated by doing this work on myself, and that working with Diane has made these difficult times so much more manageable, and often valuable in some way.
5. What is it about working with Diane that you find most valuable?

I initially went to see her as a Naturopath, and there is no question that the changes in my diet, lifestyle and physical health as a result of working with her have been extraordinarily valuable. But I think the most valuable part has been the role Diane and the BodyTalk have played in my spiritual and personal growth. At every session I feel like layers and layers of ’‘stuff “ – fears, blocks, bad habits, negative thoughts, insecurities, etc. – one by one get peeled away, leaving me freer and happier and ready for the next challenge.

6. What have been your biggest insights/light bulb moments from working with Diane?

1. To be true to myself.
2. Patience, patience, patience!
3. Everything has a meaning, a greater purpose, a bigger picture – even when I can’t always see that in the moment.
4. Not everything happens on my clock (as much as I really, really wish it would!)
5. What freedom really is.
6. The importance of taking responsibility for my own life.
7. How to respect money.
8. Trusting my intuition
9. Prioritizing my health.
10. Trust!!

7. What would you like to celebrate?
This moment. And all the good things to come.

— Jessica Rose, 25, Actress

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