Jamie Ridler


1. What made you decide to work with Diane? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made her stand out in some way?

I had never been to a Naturopath before but Diane came so highly recommended by so many people that it was an easy yes to book an appointment and see if she could help.

2. What was life like before working with Diane?

Exhausting. That’s really why I came to see Diane. I was tired all the time. I went through my days exhausted and without enthusiasm, which was absolutely unlike me. Nothing I did seemed to make a difference. I had been driving so hard for so long through so many stressful situations that I just didn’t have any reserves left at all. I was discouraged, frustrated and at my wit’s end. I really wanted to start moving towards my dreams, but the energy just wasn’t there.

3. How has working with Diane helped?

I can’t believe how much my health has improved since working with Diane (and my husband’s too!) Diane has helped me reclaim my energy and also given me the support, tools and awareness to ensure that kind of exhaustion doesn’t happen again! As a naturally high-energy person with lots of goals and drive this is invaluable to me!

As I continue to see Diane on a regular basis, my health has grown stronger and stronger. Without fail, I used to be struck once a year with bronchitis or the flu. Since seeing Diane I haven’t had these big illnesses at all. I’m stronger, happier and full of enthusiasm for life again.

4. Tell us more about the process and how you worked it through.

The big first steps were all about eating. Diane put me on a really strict diet which we slowly added foods to. This really helped my system heal by removing any foods that might have been stealing instead of giving me energy. I now make sure that my food nourishes me instead of depletes me.

Diane also did some Bowen Therapy with me for strain and pain that I had in my lower back. These sessions were powerful. At the time I was so wound-up and high-strung that I didn’t know the meaning of the word “relax” and that was apparent throughout my body. In Bowen sessions with Diane, I literally fell asleep on the table. It was the only place I found ease.

5. What is it about working with Diane that you find most valuable?

Diane has a way about her that is truly unique. She has a beautiful, lively spirit combined with a trust-inspiring groundedness that makes you feel right at home. I swear I feel better as soon as I walk into her office! Diane has helped me recognize that caring for myself and my energy is simple, natural and a part of day-to-day life.

6. What have you learned about yourself?

I’ve learned that nurturing and nourishing myself and my body is crucial to being able to do the work I’m meant to do in this world. I’ve learned that the old model of “push, push, push”, doesn’t work. And as a creative living coach, I’m excited to be a part of a new way of dream-building, one that involves vibrant health, loving self-care and sustainable energy!

7. What have been your biggest insights/light bulb moments from working with Diane?

I tend to be a bit of a dramatic thinker. I’ll never forget coming up with all sorts of big ideas for sustaining my energy: elaborate systems, retreats, programs, regimes. Diane just looked at me and said something like, “It doesn’t have to be a big deal, Jamie. Just eat better and move your body.” Huh? What a revelation! I’ve paid attention to that ever since! Diane has helped me recognize that caring for myself, my body and my energy is simple, natural and a part of day-to-day life and that’s made all the difference.

8. What are you working on now? What is life like now?

I’m working on strengthening my systems (physical, emotional, practical) for the next growth spurt for me and for my business. I’m living my dream and I can’t wait for even more!

I’ve started running, which I still can’t quite believe! I can feel myself getting stronger and it’s a great activity for my busy brain. I’m also working towards more conscious eating as I experience just how much what I put in my body impacts what I’m capable of.

9. What is the single most important benefit that you’ve achieved from working with Diane?

My energy and enthusiasm for life are back and these are my greatest assets. Thank you, Diane!

10. What do you think life is going to be like in the future after today?

Amazing! I am excited about the future for myself personally and for Jamie Ridler Studios. I feel creatively alive, connected to an amazing community and ready to make a difference!

11. What would you like to celebrate?

Thinking back on that first day when I walked into Diane’s office, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I was so depleted. As much as I wanted to get moving on my dreams, it just seemed impossible. And now I work for myself as a creative living coach, running a successful business that’s touching the lives of hundreds of people every day! I wake up with enthusiasm, I fall asleep with contentment and in between I’m having a blast! I’m celebrating my health, my joie de vivre and the sweetness of life.

— Jamie Ridler, MA CPCC
Jamie is a creative living coach and the founder of Jamie Ridler Studios. Through coaching, speaking, workshops and products, Jamie helps people bring their creativity to life! www.openthedoor.ca

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