David Huff

1. What made you decide to work with Diane? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made her stand out in some way?

I am a BodyTalk practitioner. Part of living in integrity includes getting regular sessions done on myself. Simply put, Diane is the best. After I covered part of Diane’s practice while she was on maternity leave, it was an easy decision to continue as a client.

2. What was life like before working with Diane?

Comfortable but also stagnant; a plateau had been reached and little effort was being made to grow personally and professionally.

3. How has working with Diane helped?

Life has had a few surprises since I started seeing Diane. Not the least of which was the end of my marriage. Having seen many others go through this, I am pretty impressed by how well I have dealt with the situation and subsequent life changes. Others have noticed as well. I am sure the sessions with Diane have a lot to do with this.

4. Tell us more about the process and how you worked it through?

Sheer trust; an intake was done, goals identified, session performed and flower essence recommended to support the energetic shift from the session.

5. What is it about working with Diane that you find most valuable?

Noticing the subtle changing in how I perceive situations and the changes in my behaviour patterns.

6. What have you learned about yourself?

I can do anything and the only thing that is stopping me, is me.

7. What have been your biggest insights/light bulb moments from working with Diane?

The unconscious belief “I am stupid” has been both my greatest asset and liability.

8. What are you working on now? What is life like now?

Rekindling passion and getting clear on what I want my practice to look like. Right now, life is more fun than it has been since University. Probably the biggest difference is that I am putting myself first. For example, rather than attend a continuing education course that is convenient, I now pick them based on what fun activities are available if I extend my stay. My next business trip is to Phoenix because it is right by the Grand Canyon and I have always wanted to go into the Grand Canyon.
Another big difference I have noticed is that I used to be the first to speak up and offer advice. Now that I do not need to prove how smart I am, I am much quieter and less judgemental.

9. What is the single most important benefit that you’ve achieved from working with Diane?

Knowing that whatever I say, whatever action I do or do not make, it is ok and I will not be judged. Put another way, I am finally getting that the only opinion that matters is my own.

10. What do you think life is going to be like in the future after today?

Full of conflict, but fun!

11. What would you like to celebrate?

The growing recognition that each of us is an integrated part of all life on the planet. Affect one and everything is affected.
— Dave Huff, CBP, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner – PaRama level 2, Breakthrough Facilitator, Group Dynamic Specialist, Barrie, ON

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