Danny Loo


1. What made you decide to work with Diane? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made her stand out in some way?

A friend of mine who is very interested in naturopathic and homeopathic medicine suggested I see a naturopath for my allergies to our Dalmatian in 2003. I had met Diane through a mutual friend and decided to try some unconventional methods as the usual antihistamines were not doing much for me.

2. What was life like before working with Diane?

Diet wise, life was a lot of President’s Choice, frozen prepared foods, takeout and snacks. The months before I started working with Diane were rather stressful; I was trying to cope with the allergies to our Dalmatian Henry. My family was no longer able to keep him and he was too old to take to a shelter so we took him in. Being at work and away from the house was an escape from all the dander that had me unable to breathe in my own house.

3. How has working with Diane helped?

The diet that Diane put me on eliminated any allergy prone foods like wheat, eggs, dairy, citrus, etc. I wondered what was left for me to eat. This forced us into finding new places to shop for groceries; alternatives to No Frills and Loblaw’s. It opened us up to the better things that life has to offer.

4. Tell us more about the process and how you worked it through.

I stuck to the regimented diet for a month and started seeing tangible results. I would say 80% of my allergies cleared up and I could once again enjoy being at home. Was this a placebo effect? I highly doubt it, considering the severity of my allergies to Henry which started from the time my sister first got him. A side effect of my diet several months later was the clearing up of a patch of eczema, alligator like skin on my calf. The steroid creams prescribed by a dermatologist two years before also proved to be useless.

5. What is it about working with Diane that you find most valuable?

Working with Diane is about learning. You aren’t rushed out of a turnstile operation and given an illegible prescription.

6. What have you learned about yourself?

I’ve learned just how extensively I am intertwined with everything in our environment and world; beyond what we may be able to see with our eyes.

7. What have been your biggest insights/light bulb moments from working with Diane?

Hmmm… a tough question…. I like going back to my patch of eczema which cleared up as a “side effect” of the natural diet I took on. It showed me just how much what we take in can be “toxic” to our bodies.

8. What are you working on now? What is life like now?

Taking things to the next level.

9. What is the single most important benefit that you’ve achieved from working with Diane?

Opening ourselves up to truly healthy eating.

10. What do you think life is going to be like in the future after today?

Healthy, happy and perhaps even… a bit spooky…

11. What would you like to celebrate?

Connecting with my inner self.

— Danny Loo, 38, Mechanical Engineer

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