Alison Bellaire

Diane Chung’s mentorship program blew open my concepts of group work and getting things done. For what felt like centuries, I had been a solo learner, studying and integrating information on my own, completely against the idea of groups because of the messy self-involved dynamics group work can generate.

But with Diane, the other mentorship participants were carefully selected so that our highest potential could be realized. Her program is crafted over the six months to allow you to clear away these preconceived notions (the ones you might not even know you have) and help you build a solid framework for your life, for your life’s passion, and for your legacy.

Yeah: your legacy. It’s like a PHD program, only instead of 100s of pages written to softly debunk the status quo, it’s a mind-blowing, soul revealing, learning and growing experience that buffs all of you (your self, your belief systems, your relationships, your etc.) until you are back to your beautiful, universal basics (like a newborn). Imagine having that fresh opportunity at life again, only as an older wiser person? Going through the mentorship program showed me my true self, and gave me the tools and confidence to decide where I really wanted to be in my life.

The program is gruelling but in the best kind of way, and the support and feedback offered by Diane as you move through the process is priceless. I cannot recommend this program enough; what it has done for me is invaluable to my life and to my dreams for the future. I have been given the knowledge to sustain the foundation her program built, and truly feel like I now have a Doctorate in Life. All I wanted when I signed up was a little clarity; I got so much more (including a group of lifelong friends who are crazy supportive). Don’t hesitate to make the best decision of your life. Sign up! I didn’t even talk about how well your program integrated all of my craziness
Alison Bellaire

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