Alison Bellaire

Results: To be free of recurring, crippling lower back pain that halted my life for weeks at a time is one thing… but to me, the greatest result from working with you has been the infusion of joy and possibility that has infected my life. The idea and encouragement that I can do something wonderful from where I currently stand in the world: that has been the greatest result. I feel new, whole, and pretty damn daring.

Transformation: I used to think being under the radar was a good thing. Now I know that it was a way to hide from myself. I’ve come to accept all of me and am done with the worry I used to carry about not fitting in. Working with you has made me embrace all the quirks, the questions, the thoughts I have, and pushed me to grow outwards instead of curling in more.

Outcomes: Hmm… there are so many. You validated me so that I could start to do it myself, automatically. You lit a fire in me so I could start lighting my own. You made me adore myself, dig deeper into myself, be kinder to myself —- all so that I could adore others, dig deeper into others, and be kinder to others. In a few short months, I have gone from self-created outcomes that felt hopeless and constantly trapping, to self-perpetuating outcomes that feel joyful and comfortable.

What would’ve happened if you hadn’t come to see Diane: I would have repeated ugly self-hating patterns until they strangled the life out of me, slowly over time until I died. I would have settled into a life I thought I could get, instead of daring to think about the one I deserved.

Alison Bellaire, 38, Shaman, Toronto

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