Client Stories

Participants in the Practitioner Mentoring Circles are saying…

“Diane Chung’s mentorship program blew open my concepts of group work and getting things done. For what felt like centuries, I had been a solo learner, studying and integrating information on my own, completely against the idea of groups because of the messy self-involved dynamics group work can generate.” [Read more.]
— Alison Bellaire

“There are not enough words to truly describe how I transformed, and how my vision for my life and work expanded, from being part of Dr. D’s Mentorship Circle. My intention for joining the circle was to get a kick in the butt in order to launch several business ideas while working a demanding full-time job. What I got instead were tons of tools, love, support, perspectives, insights, honest feedback, a SOLID foundation to start and sustain any business AND lifelong friends and soul sisters.” [Read more.]
— Kim Chung

“Being a part of Dr. Diane Chung’s Practitioner’s Mentoring Circle is like going on a 6 month journey, where the destination is “within”. I had originally packed my suitcase with what I thought I needed, along with a map of where I wanted to go; however, my experience in this journey provided me with more tools than I had expected and a map that constantly changed course.  It allowed me to see the true beauty which lies within. The most amazing part was that I was in the company of beautiful, compassionate and loving people. Dr. Diane Chung was our special tour guide and, wow, she truly guided us on an adventure.” [Read more.]
— Kristine Apostol

“Diane Chung’s Practioner’s Mentoring Circle is like experiencing a metamorphosis. I felt enclosed in a cocoon of uncertainty when I first applied to be part of the mentoring circle, “hoping” that the changes I imagined were possible. By the end of the program, not only did I have clarity, direction and focus, I also had the skills required to continue creating the changes I envisioned. It was a life changing experience, because of Diane and all she had to offer and the supportive, gifted people in the circle. The pattern shifting and expansive experience is delivered in so many ways; from an increase in revenue and clients in the business, to balancing the relationship of the mind, body and spirit. The patterns I shifted in these six months were a result of the transformation that Diane’s mentoring circle ignited within. I highly recommend it!”
— Susy Fonseca

“I have been in the incredibly privileged position of being under Diane’s care as a patient for 6 years. During this period I experienced a shedding of my former self, I learned an entire new language and paradigm for growing and transforming old emotional baggage. The private 1:1 sessions saved my life.” [Read more.]
— Melanie Isis Tinken

“I can tell you that by signing up to Dr. Diane Chung’s Mentoring Circle, you’re about to embark on a journey of unpacking your baggage – including items that you’re not aware of yet that are dragging you down.” [Read more.]
— Karen Sze

“When the opportunity to join Dr. Diane Chung’s PRACTITIONERS MENTORING CIRCLE presented itself, I was full of questions and concerns, me?  Really?  Why?  Why now?  Can I afford this?  Who else is involved?  What will be expected of me?  Do I have what it takes?  Etc.” [Read more.]
— Paula Conrad

“I have come full circle with Diane over the past 3 years. Change would be another great word to accompany an explanation of the metamorphosis that has occurred through her care. Yet somehow words fall short.” [Read more.]
— Kerry Ford

Clients of my Private Sessions say…

“Intimate. Practical. No Holds Barred. You’ve added something profound to my life—a deeper awareness of who I am—in my body, and in the world. I kind of shudder to imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t found you (burnt out, with a lot of unfinished emotional business, that’s for sure.) For the remedies, and tinctures, for the incredibly accurate insight, for the healing results!…I thank you.”
Danielle LaPorte, author and strategist, Vancouver BC

“Working with Diane has been truly transformational for me and for my teenage daughter. I have worked with many healers and doctors and without a doubt, Diane is one of the best, especially with working with chronic conditions that drag you down no matter what you do. She has supported me immensely in having the energy and health to launch my new projects and to write my next book.”
Jennifer Louden, best-selling author and teacher, Bainbridge Island, WA

“Diane has the ability to reach into each person and connect to what is most important for them to uncover. There is a joy and connective true energy to her healing. I have had more change, healing and growth, subtle and powerful, working with Diane, than any other time through any other modality I’ve ever encountered. Any opportunity to be privy to her wisdom and energy seems a gift, and I continue to grow through every experience and encounter. Thank you for helping me help myself, get my life back.”
Kerry Ford, R.H.N. Wellness Consultant

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Diane Chung for 10 years now as a person, practitioner, friend and colleague. Diane emanates integrity, love, wisdom, and joy. Her laughter is contagious, her recommendations sound, her ability to listen keen, her understanding deep and her willingness to grow infinite. She leaves everyone with whom she comes in contact better than they were before. I give my highest recommendations to her.”
Dr. Rosanne Metz, Chiropractor/Founder of Park Road Healing Arts, Toronto

“Deeply transformative health care with warmth and fun.”
Mahalia Freed, Naturopathic Doctor, Toronto

“Respectful inquiry.
Tactful directness.
Broad knowledge with honed skills.
These are the professional characteristics Diane embodies.”
— Carol Damp Lowery, Toronto

“You lit a fire in me so I could start lighting my own. You made me adore myself, dig deeper into myself, be kinder to myself —- all so that I could adore others, dig deeper into others, and be kinder to others….I would have settled into a life I thought I could get, instead of daring to think about the one I deserved.” [Read more.]
— Alison Bellaire, 38, Shaman, Toronto

“I am healthier and stronger and I am grateful that I found a practitioner to literally make room to move forward if I choose to help myself…I feel like Diane works on the big stuff in a big way, that she enables real energetic shifts to occur that actually bring change in life and not temporary reprieve from symptoms.” [Read more.]
— Jannie McInnes, Toronto

“I’ve learned just how extensively I am intertwined with everything in our environment and world; beyond what we may be able to see with our eyes.” [Read more.]
— Danny Loo, 38, Mechanical Engineer

“I feel if I don’t allow the changes to happen from the inside out, if I don’t respect my core, I will go back to the way I was, mentally and physically, because my core is what regulates my health and my thoughts, and it is not my will that regulates my heath or who I am. Diane helps you discover your core.” [Read more.]
— Francine, 51, ESL Instructor, Toronto

“Life is lighter now. The ups and downs are less dramatic, less traumatic. It’s easier for me to recognize when things or events are getting out of hand and I know I have the ability to change it. I feel less helpless, more helpful.” [Read more.]
— Karen, World Traveler at Heart

“Her unique approach connects us into a powerful grid of physical, psychological and spiritual energy that, if you’ve ever intuited was present, you will actually experience…Interestingly, while she does offer different remedies and treatments for individuals to cope with self-described ‘ailments’, in the end her greatest gift is helping us move toward the insightful light that we already possess.” [Read more.]
— Tiska Wiedermann, Toronto

“She helps me make sense of the patterns and reoccurring themes in my life, and look at my life from a larger perspective — where I can identify the meaning behind things and push myself to grow in broader and deeper ways.” [Read more.]
— Jessica Rose, 25, Actress

“Diane promotes and elicits a completely safe place to talk and be heard, and once I realized just how safe it was to be myself, I felt I could truly begin to change.” [Read more.]
— D.L., Filmmaker

“I admitted to Diane that I found it hard and even a bit terrifying to open up to her about anything I was thinking or feeling. Once I did that, it became easier to open up about other issues and I really began to get value out of the sessions.” [Read more.]
— P.K., Mississauga

“Diane recognized that the patterns from generations past, on my mother’s side, strongly influence my approach to life. One of these traits is taking on challenges that are not mine to solve. I have learned just recently that it’s okay to observe, step back and allow individuals to resolve on their own.” [Read more.]
— Maritza, Toronto

“I realized that I could no longer live my life based on what the external world expected of me, but rather on what my insight has been screaming for all this time.” [Read more.]
— Susy F., Toronto

“I can do anything and the only thing that is stopping me, is me.” [Read more.]
— David Huff, Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, Barrie

“…I learned that I already have, within myself, all the love and approval that I really need.” [Read more.]
— Paula C., 45, Toronto

“Every time I see Diane, I’m excited about what we’ll discover. I’m just open to the process and kind of feel like I’m about to open a juicy present before every appointment.” [Read more.]
— K.B., Program Manager, Reiki Master, Toronto

“I feel like my sessions with her are bringing me more in touch with my spirit.” [Read more.]
— John McGillis, 42

“Sometimes I find there is repetition in my process. And sometimes it frustrates me, I think. ‘God haven’t I already dealt with this already, can it be gone already.’ Diane in her way of deep listening always offers a new perspective, a new way of seeing what is really going on, and a new way of combating a pattern even if it seems like it is the same pattern.” [Read more.]
— Melanie Tinken, 39, Office Manager and Writer

“I feel as though Diane has really acted as a spiritual mentor for me, having taught me in addition to being mindful, practices that I can use to enhance my entire life.” [Read more.]
— William Allinson, Film Director/Writer

“I wake up with enthusiasm, I fall asleep with contentment and in between I’m having a blast!” [Read more.]
— Jamie Ridler, Creative Living Coach, Toronto

“I guess I had expected to just get some supplements to help my situation. Shortly after starting to see Diane I felt so much better that it was hard to believe the effects would be long lasting, and not just some fluke. In fact though, I continue to feel much more balanced and happy as the weeks go on, and continue to see Diane to keep things in check.” [Read more.]
— Carla H., Marketing Executive

“If you’re just learning about natural medicine and are not sure, stay on this path and let Diane help guide you. It’s no accident you’re reading this now; and if you’re someone that’s been going to Diane for weeks or years and knows what her work and guidance can do, pass it on to whoever will listen… she’s too great a gift not to share.” [Read more.]
— Leslie J., Real Estate Agent, Toronto

“The day I booked my first appointment with Diane Chung, my life changed forever. Never before had I been to a doctor that was able to treat me as an individual and not a case study. It’s been three years now and I’m drastically a different person. I owe her my happiness…” [Read more.]
— Rebecca R., Film Maker, Toronto