4 Ways to Deal with World Crisis, Global Tragedy and Planetary Anxiety


This is a time of massive upheaval and change.

Just in the past two weeks, there have been natural disasters, threats of nuclear fallout and political and social unrest.

And this turmoil reflects the growing stockpile of confusion and conflict within each of us, and each other.

It’s seductive to allow fear, anger, guilt, regret and hopelessness to take over. To engage at the extremes of active despair, or alternately, to be numbed, passive and disconnected.

I invite you to choose another way. To create a new option that is unique to you and allows you to be at peace with what is right now so you are a force for something positive, cleansing and harmonizing for the turbulence out there.

And if you’re reading this, it is likely you can.


I understand that this requires effort. We are all witness to the frantic scramble for potassium iodide and overwhelmed by the news stories of mounting tension of world events.

But when I ask myself what I should do, how I can best serve, it abruptly becomes clear that I have to expand. To continue to do what I do and do it well, but do it bigger, share it more widely and voice my truths even louder. To stop being shy and self protective and self conscious because it contributes to the same postures of fear and selfishness that are at the centre of this political, social, economic and environmental unrest.

I understand that I have the ability to address the physical aspects of life, comprehend and communicate the unseen, to be able to see the greater perspective and provide context to the opportunities on an issue or troubling situation, and this could provide some guidance, comfort and hope to others.

Yet honestly, doing it outside the confines of my office scares the hell out of me.

I fear being ostracized, imagine ridicule and backlash, fear being wrong; yet know it is necessary to continue and expand, because being here on the planet now necessitates that I pick a side, and fast.


So here is the question: Will you advocate for positive outcomes, transformative and positive resolution, or not? Are you willing to put aside your personal neuroses and side fixations, irrational fears and protective selfishness for the greater cause that is afoot?

Because if you are indecisive, you risk being swept up by the panicked tides.

It’s time to leverage your years of yoga/meditation/personal development/spiritual work, and take the opportunity to step up with courage, hope, empowerment and joy into your full service and engage with the underlying interconnectedness.

So yes, this is the work; and no, it’s not for the weak of heart…


1. Compassion. Feel the grief. Do not resist it. If you have the heart capacity to observe it and not absorb it, allow your emotional body to process it. Allow it wash over you, and breathe the until it passes. [Preferably the "Breath of Fire" as taught in yoga: in and out through the nose, as fast, or as slow, as you feel.] There is a surplus of fear, anger, grief, hopelessness and despair accumulating in the world right now. Your compassion for those experiencing it directly transmutes it back to pure energy–it effectively does it for those who can’t–and helps to clear the overall emotional toxicity on the planet.

2. Confront. We are in a crisis. Accept what is chaos on the physical plane, and stay anchored in the truth, that what is happening is clearing the longstanding suppression on the global mental-emotional and spiritual planes. It will move us towards something more balanced and sustainable, perhaps not immediately, but certainly eventually, and maybe sooner than we think. By actively accepting the situation, you clear the emotional static and allow practical solutions to be revealed. (BTW: This is distinct from passively accepting, which is…apathy).

3. It is done. One of the most powerful meditations around is to feel the outcomes of our heart intention as if it is a done deal. Being disillusioned and cynical about our capacity to help ourselves, perpetuates feelings of being trapped and restricted. It closes off hope and limits the potential of a positive outcome. Staying in a mindset of abundance for our resourcefulness, power and creativity, opens the door to limitless possibilities, solutions and resolution for the big issues and challenges that we face.

4. Extract your lesson. These events will affect everyone differently. As with any sudden event there is opportunity for reflection and re-evaluation of priorities. There is invariably something embedded here for you to learn and take forward. It may be your fears, your selfishness, your relationship to nature or business, injustices you endure or perpetuate, things you have said/not said, done/not done or still cling to needlessly. What is this trying to tell you, show you, teach you? It is time to extract the lesson and apply it. You can shape personal meaning from world events and have it inform your actions.

That’s a lot, I know. But these are big times…

And there is much more happening than what appears on the surface.

There’s a reason you are alive during these times.

You have a role to play, an energetic imprint that is uniquely yours to make.

Choose yours.

Expand. Share. Hold space. Be empowered and act.

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